The MAC: McCallum Arts Center opened in September 2011.

About MFAA:

Educate. Inspire. Empower.

A 501c3 Organization

Established in 1997 as:

A.N. McCallum High School

Creative Learning & Career Advancement Foundation

dba:  McCallum HS Foundation



Offering an advanced fine arts curriculum since 1994, the McCallum Fine Arts Academy exists to develop well-rounded students, critical thinkers, collaborators, and a community of arts advocates.

The McCallum Fine Arts Academy holds students to the highest standards, requiring critical thinking, accepting constructive critique, and the willingness to analyze, practice, and revise.

The McCallum community maintains a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. All McCallum students share the same academic classes and Fine Arts Academy classes. Auditions are open to any McCallum student. McCallum students, including both Fine Arts "majors" and general population students, take an average of six Fine Arts courses over the course of their high school careers.

Academy students "major" in one or more fine arts disciplinary strands. These strands include:  Art History, Band, Classical Guitar, Dance, Musical Theatre, Orchestra, Piano, Studio Art, Theatre, Technical Theatre, and Vocal Music.

Performing and visual arts students work as members of a team. This happens within each Fine Art strand as well as across strands. There are many opportunities for students to work with those in other areas of the arts.


The process begins in the fall with the AISD Common Application. The Fine Arts Academy has information packets available in early November.

Applications are due during the first week of January.

In addition to the applications, the Academy faculty conducts auditions in January. Contracts are offered to successful applicants in February.

For more information contact:

Tonya Moore

MFAA Clerk