McCallum  High  School  Foundation

A.N. McCallum Creative Learning and Career Advancement Foundation    •    P.O. Box 26446    •    Austin, TX   78755

The McCallum High School Foundation
annually awards scholarships to exceptional Seniors
of the
McCallum Fine Arts Academy (MFAA)
who are seeking to continue with their
fine arts education at the college level.

Since 2008, the Foundation has awarded
to MFAA Seniors.

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             and MORE:

           Since 1997, The Foundation has:

            • Helped to establish the Fine Arts Academy

            • Helped to establish the original 3-D studio art classes

            • Initiated campus-based private lessons for music students

            • Assisted Fine Arts booster clubs with fund-raising efforts           

• Helped to established the technology lab at McCallum HS

            • Equipped the environmental science class

     Plus Current Programs:

             • Connecting Fine Arts organizations to McCallum HS programs

            • Presenting Career Discovery seminars that focus on business                                  skills and career planning.

(The McCallum HS Foundation is a 501c3 organization registered formally as:

A.N. McCallum High School Creative Learning & Career Advancement Foundation)


Become a Scholarship Sponsor:

With your help The Foundation can increase the size and number of these scholarships. Scholarship Sponsors pledge an annual contribution for four years at the following levels:

BRONZE:          $50 per year for 4 years

SILVER:          $100 per year for 4 years

GOLD:             $250 per year for 4 years

PLATINUM:   $500 per year for 4 years


         OR  mail your  donation to:

  McCallum HS Foundation

PO Box  26446
Austin, TX    78755


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